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Losing weight, muscle building, vitality, sport-specific training,
stress prevention or just simply looking more beautiful?

Nowadays, many people have a sedentary profession and experience quite a lot of stress. In gyms, they often again assume sedentary positions on machines and work out in a wrong posture, with unnatural movement patterns. A sedentary position does not train the natural collaboration of muscle groups, which may lead to injuries occurring quickly. In addition, there often is a lack of focus on mental peace. Stress affecting the nervous system can result in dangerous accumulation of fat in the belly region.

All in all, sufficient reasons to acquire proper knowledge and tackle this issue!


The three cornerstones of Iboya Training

   de drie pijlers van Iboya Personal Training - Effectief bewegen, Pure voeding en Mentale rust.

 Effective workout

Pure nutrition

Mental peace

  • Proper posture & technique
  • Practical & specific movements
  • Functional training
  • Nutritional patterns
  • Nutrition as medicine
  • Nutrition & allergies
  • Stress prevention & relaxation
  • Hormonal balance
  • Mindfulness & meditation

Workshop Total Health

Losing weight, effective workout & mental peace

This easily accessible and usable workshop provides you with information and tools to steer the course towards better health. In 90 minutes, you and your friends or co-workers will receive a practical explanation of the three cornerstones – pure nutrition, practicing sports effectively and mental peace – either in the privacy of your home, or at the office.


  • Pure nutrition, super foods and nutrition patterns
  • Effective workout with immediate and improved results
  • Correct posture and technique
  • Mindfulness, stress prevention and hormonal balance
  • Lifestyle

Costs: 35 euro per person, for groups with a maximum of six persons. Companies may request a custom estimate. Book this practical workshop now and embark on an exciting journey towards a healthy lifestyle!

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Integral Personal Training is a new method – bridging the gap between the medical world and lifestyle coach. A unique, all-in-one approach for optimal results, vitality, a healthy beautiful body and mental peace.

Iboya Training provides high-quality workouts and workshops for all target audiences and purposes. Using the latest methods, Iboya develops personal and effective training sessions, enabling you to achieve your goals quickly and permanently.

Iboya is one of the world’s first personal trainers charting your physique and unique bio-chemical road map, using DNA and blood tests and in-depth questionnaires. This guarantees a tailor-made plan for proper training, nutrition and relaxation, resulting in a vital body and healthy mind.

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About Iboya Triz


Having started as a ballerina for the Dutch National Ballet, Iboya Triz has now developed into an experienced, internationally recognised, certified integral personal trainer and vitality coach. Her career as a professional dancer and vocalist was brought to an abrupt end after suffering a stroke, burnout, whiplash and severe neck and back injuries.

Then, after exploring different paths to recovery over a period of several years, she finally concluded that no one could really help her to get back into shape mentally and physically. This triggered her passion for a holistic, medically based approach towards achieving and maintaining mental and physical health. Iboya’s own search to achieve optimal personal vitality motivated her to apply this knowledge and experience to help others. Iboya has followed various national and internationally recognised training courses, specialising in physical (top-sport) training, orthomolecular nutrition and mental peace. Drawing from this extensive knowledge base, she now works professionally as an integral personal trainer, more recently incorporating DNA-based insights.


  • Losing weight, dietetics (orthomolecular nutrition and hormonal balance), figure correction, fitness training, muscle building and sports fasting
  • Recovery from / prevention of neck and back problems and injuries
  • Proper core development, balance, posture and movement techniques
  • Specific training for sportsmen/sportswomen, models, and dancers, as well as artists performing in musicals
  • Counseling for diabetes, pregnancy, plastic surgery and burn-out

Integral Personal Trainer & Vitality Coach
A new all-in-one approach for optimal results,
vitality, a healthy beautiful body and mental peace.