Hi Iboya,

The personal training I had with you helped me in many different ways. I started it when I suffered from PTSD and was not undergoing any professional treatment at that time. I had serious difficulties concentrating.

With the training, you taught me how to concentrate on my body, which, ultimately helped me improve my concentration in general. I love dancing and in your training you use a lot of techniques and elements from ballet. This is one main reason why I enjoyed the training a lot.

I learned from you how to control my body, the core of my body in particular, which is a technique I still use in any type of sport now. It makes me much more efficient even when I bike. It improved my body posture and now I even walk using the technique I trained with you. It makes my walking posture much more beautiful, but more importantly increases my confidence level in general.

You thaught me how to calm down and relax when I am under a lot of stress, something that I still use in my busy life. And last but not least, my physical stamina increased significantly as a result of the training.

You helped me a lot in a number of different ways through the personal training in a moment that was very difficult for me. For all that I am tremendously thankful!

I wish you a lot of success in your future work and I will really miss our training sessions.

With warm regards,