Reference Hope

Dear Iboya,

Thank you for sending this information through. I will read through it (with my Dutch dictionary) and if I have any questions I will ask you.

Thank you so much for your personal training over the last few months. I am really happy with the results, my body is in the best shape it has ever been in and I didn’t have to run 10 kilometres a day!! The most important thing that you taught me, was about technique and through this I have accessed and exercised muscles in my body I did not know existed.

The thing which I learnt the most is that I don’t have to do 100 sit ups a day, 100 push ups a day and run for kilometres to have a fit, sculpted body. It is about working smarter and not fanatically harder. Fundamentally, it is all about technique, doing certain excercises properly.

Through your exercises my body is more sculpted, it’s stronger, I have lost nearly 3 kilos and my bottom is the tightest it has ever been.

In terms of my body now, I have never felt so toned and confident and I can’t thank you enough!

Kind Regards,