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Lifestyle coaching? Need  to a healthy lifestyle, a painless one strong body, less stress and more vitality? Losing weight, burnout or increasing your resistance?
Fast and lasting results with the highest level of lifestyle coaching together with personal training in Amsterdam. A renewed, in-depth, effective and affordable approach to Iboya personal training, which is not yet applied elsewhere. Independent of a gym, learn to train effectively in your own home. Would you like to take the first step? Request the introductory package here and get acquainted with the Personal training, vitality en lifestyle program which is also possible via zoom or skype.

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Lifestyle coaching

My passion and holistic approach for a healthy lifestyle and more vitality

My passion is to help you with specific techniques and training to help you with my lifestyle coaching functional, strong, vital, and painless body. With the right personal exercises, technique and advice, you will reach your goal within few weeks and get rid of pain complaints in most cases. You will become functionally stronger, so there is lower chance of injuries in the future.

As a nutritionist I teach you to eat smart, lose maximum weight, increase your resistance and become more vital, where you can still have your favorite snack. I optimize your diet step by step, lifestyle and work with simple tools on your mental peace in order to be permanently in a short time "Become the best version of yourself".

Grow old beautiful, pain-free, vital and healthy with a healthy lifestyle!

The holistic healthy lifestyle coaching programs and tailor-made physical personal training actually ensure total well-being and more vitality.

A healthy, beautifully shaped functional body and good posture ensures more confidence and is (among other things) together with the healthy diet, mindfulness exercises and healthy lifestyle the basis of a healthy, resilient, and flexible mind.

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My name is Iboya Holistic Personal Trainer. I am 50 years old and in shape with 15 to 20 minutes of training a day as I was in my early years at Dutch National Ballet. “

The online learning platform

Iboyatotal health

Integral Personal Trainer Iboya Triz launches her in-depth holistic online learning platform. Working integrally on healthy aging, increasing vitality and immunity, is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people understand that you need to tackle vitality and optimal health in several areas simultaneously for good results. The profession is still in its infancy and the platform responds to the rapidly growing need to work on all 3 pillars of vitality: 1) healthy nutrition, 2) effective exercise, and 3) mental peace.

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Lifestyle coaching & Personal training

Packages and Prices

OFFER: Healthy Lifestyle Coaching and Personal training introductory package

now also possible via Zoom or Skype € 280.00 incl. VAT your advantage € 60.
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“Iboya's personal approach helps me a lot. I experience a nice combination of physical exertion, healthy eating and mental toughness. I have now made training and advice an integral part of my life. Definitely recommended! ”

Maarten Edixhoven, Director Aegon

Lifestyle Coaching & Holistic Personal Training

The 3 pillars of Iboya training

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