Back pain, neck complaints? You can solve them!

Back pain, neck complaints, pain in the lower back and buttock? As an integral personal trainer I often get the question how do I get rid of neck and back pain. The first thing I ask is: “do you have a sedentary profession?” As 2e I look at the posture. What I often see is a bad posture with mostly shortened and weakened muscles, a so-called muscle imbalance. What is the consequence of a sedentary occupation? In a seated occupation, the hip flexor shortens a muscle that connects from the groin to the lower back through the abdominal wall. When the muscle shortens, it pulls the lower back hollow and because both sides do not have the same muscle tension, it also skews the lower back a bit. As a result, pain in the groin area, lower back and buttock. To solve and prevent pain complaints in the back, neck, lower back and buttock, it is important to stretch various muscles around and strengthen muscles. See my video here where I show which stretches and exercises are important in a sitting profession for the back, neck, core and buttock.

A muscle that can also cause problems if it is shortened is the large back muscle. This V shape muscle runs from the lower back to the front of the shoulders. When this shortens, he pulls the lower back hollow and the shoulders forward. This causes pain in the lower back and neck.

People often have these complaints unnecessarily for years, while this problem can often be solved quickly. People who come to my practice with many complaints and pain experience pain relief after 4 lessons and their lives are no longer affected by the complaints. After 8 to 12 lessons they are almost always rid of the problem.

Through my simple method with simple stretches and exercises I help you get rid of your neck and back pain. In addition, I teach you how you can prevent these complaints in the future.

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