Holistic health and lifestyle program based on your DNA!

The ultimate holistic health and lifestyle program based on your unique DNA!

A new total approach; the bridge between the medical world with the help of DNA testing and the personal trainer & lifestyle coach Iboya Triz
What if there were a treatment plan based on your personal DNA, lifestyle, stress levels, nutrition and training?

A nutritional plan with daily simple dishes with correctly measured macro and micronutrients, which also takes into account proven allergies.

Simple tests that measure your stress levels on a daily basis and you can apply concrete tips in the field of nutrition, exercise and mental rest so that a possible burnout can be prevented.

  • An app with the most tailor-made protocols to get through, for example, menopause or pregnancy with minimal complaints.
  • An app that is linked to your own unique customized anti-aging skin products and that gives you a signal when more sunscreen needs to be applied.

A personal protocol that helps to optimize your fertility, to slow down your baldness, to minimize your addictions, to optimize your night’s sleep, to help you to rejuvenate as much as possible, to detox your body effectively, to minimize your allergies and skin problems and much more …

Summarizing; what if there were a simple way that would help you step by step to become the best happiest version of yourself. Then you would think that app doesn’t exist… right?

Nothing could be further from the truth because progressive Iboya Triz an integral personal trainer & lifestyle coach has now joined forces with companies that conduct accurate DNA tests and put all their passion and knowledge together in a shared dream that has now actually come true. The ultimate holistic, science-based health and lifestyle concept is now finally here. We believe in the technology of DNA testing, which allows us to tailor the treatment plan and protocols even more specifically and thus optimize your body functions and thus your health step by step.
A smart way to take charge of your health.
Lifestyle coach Iboya Triz continues where other lifestyle coaches stop. Together with the company that takes care of the DNA test, they deliver this unique ultimate progressive concept, which delivers maximum achievable results.

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