Whether or not should you take extra vitamins or supplementation?

Is extra vitamins from supplementation nonsense? In part, I certainly agree.

Lately there has been a lot in the news that extra vitamins are nonsense.

I partly agree with that, but what is such a shame that it is not good fun to find out in which situations these can actually be important.

I feel called upon to really explain this a little better.

If you do not really have fatigue complaints or other health complaints, it would be best and healthiest that you get enough nutrients with varied, unrefined healthy organic food.

However, there are some …

Unfortunately, only 2 to 15% of the Dutch population eats enough vegetables. In addition, the majority of the population eats processed food that is low in micronutrients.

Then there are groups of people who do not want to eat fish or meat. This group will indeed be deficient in, for example, B12 vitamin. In this situation it is important to take a well-absorbable active form of B12.

Research shows that 58,8% of the Dutch population has insufficient vitamin D in the blood. That group will certainly have to adjust.

We see shortages of stomach acid in many elderly people, which means that B12 is not properly absorbed and therefore has to be adapted in the form of a blemish tablet or injections. We also see B12 deficiencies in people with a stomach ulcer, gastritis or people who are infected with the bacteria helicobacter pylori.

I will discuss a few more groups of people who do benefit from extra biologically absorbable supplementation (no synthetic form).

  • People that a lot stress to have
  • For stomach and intestinal problems
  • If you are going to start a detox program
  • People with an autoimmune disease or other chronic conditions
  • People with digestive problems
  • Disturbed intestinal flora due to fungi such as candida overgrowth or parasites
  • If the liver is overloaded
  • If you have dark skin or you don’t get enough sunlight
  • If you have one burn-out have or are against it
  • People who want to eat healthy but cannot manage because of crowds
  • If you use medication and as a result of which the absorption of nutrients is reduced and intestinal bacteria die. Medication is often symptomatic and has many side effects. In certain cases, natural herbs, nutrition and supplementation can offer a solution to neutralize these side effects or to reduce medication use and supplement with natural herbs, nutrition and supplementation. Consider, for example, magnesium, which can indeed lower blood pressure, which means that the medication can be reduced. The same applies to type 2 diabetes, which can also be supported very well with food with a low glycemic value. That is food for which the body has to produce less insulin. Or healthy diet adjustments in people with cardiovascular disease. Incidentally, I advise people who use a lot of medication to support the liver with the easily absorbable biological form S-Acetyl-L-Glutathione supplementation. Vitakruid sells these.
  • I myself have a macular degeneration and for example supplementation with astaxanthin is the only way to slow down the process.

DNA testing

I found out about this after an extensive DNA test. Also that I have a predisposition to obesity and l’carnitine, which is responsible for good fat burning, do not get enough. I do supplement this myself with extra supplementation. I unconsciously ate little meat for a while, so that I not only got shortages of l’carnitine but also taurine, which is super important for many body processes and also to prevent gallstones from developing. I also collar gallstones. Now when I have less appetite for meat and fish, I do swallow taurine. As an integral personal trainer I work closely with companies that do DNA tests. With the results of your DNA we can see where you have some weaknesses from the base and then optimize things with nutrition, lifestyle and possibly some extra supplementation. If you also find this important, we can create a Make an appointment to see if the DNA test with program can offer a solution.


Synthetic supplementation 

I would like to report that I am certainly not in favor of synthetic vitamins or supplementation.

These are mainly produced chemically and therefore do not come from natural vegetables or fruits. These are also often too high and usually contain insufficient additives to be properly absorbed. Or they contain additives that are not conducive to optimal health. If you decide to swallow vitamins and minerals, choose supplements that have a composition that is as close to nature as possible and has a high biological absorption.

But it is best, if you have no complaints or disorders, to get everything as much as possible from varied organic food. Possibly supplemented with greens powder which also contains high-quality nutrition in its natural form. Mix your greens with a variety of good brands and include some pre / probiotics and enzymes.

It is not always easy to find out whether or not you need to adjust something or whether you are getting enough and also the absorption of nutrients is good and the intestines are functioning well enough.

I hope that I have created a little more clarity with this blog, but I understand that it also gives more food for thought and therefore raises even more questions.

Enjoy your day for now!

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