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Personal trainer in Amsterdam approach and method

As a personal trainer my opinion is that the basis of each personal training trajectory should be based on pure high-quality food and super foods, creating a well-functioning and energetic body and mental peace. At the personal trainer Iboya in Amsterdam you develop this by:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Learning proper posture
  • Iboya’s own core-training for faster results
  • Eliminating muscle imbalance and injuries
  • Correct movement pattern and technique
  • Move with all muscles at the same time in all directions
  • Functional training (periodically, gradually building up according to the objective)
  • Mindfulness, meditation en breathing techniques
First, shortened muscles should be brought back to their natural length and weakened muscles strengthened through muscle endurance of the core (and training the stabilization muscles). If you do not tackle this first, your body will sooner or later start to protest in the form of injuries, among other things, and mental stress will also arise due to overstimulation of the nervous system and eventually lower your immune system
As a personal trainer, I look at your personal wishes and goals, which we work towards step by step for a sustainable result.

Intake and physical assessment with Iboya personal trainer in Amsterdam

During the intake interview with the personal trainer in Amsterdam, we look at:

  • Medical background
  • Various physical measurements and tests
  • Lifestyle and stress management, possibly learning short easy to apply meditation exercises
  • Nutritional advice
  • Posture and Movement assessment, how is the posture, which muscles are shortened, which are weakened.

If necessary, the personal trainer can also advise you to be referred to a specialist via the doctor.

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Basic content of the personal training lessons

The basic parts of a personal training class to develop a good functional body are:

  • Flexibility, various stretching techniques
  • Warm-up (functional), preparing the body for a workout
  • Core-training
    In the core, the center of gravity is where all movements begin. An efficient functioning of the core is not only necessary to maintain the correct muscle balance in the entire movement chain. The core muscles (lower back, pelvis, hip; in my training, the muscle that brings the shoulders down also plays a major role in the core)
  • Balance training
    Balance training improves dynamic joint stability and makes you aware of the limits of your stability.
  • Reactive training
    In order to improve the performance of functional activities, it is important that the muscles can generate as much power as possible in the shortest possible time. This can only be trained if the base of the core is strong enough.
  • Cardio interval training in the form of SAQ
    SAQ is the training of speed, mobility and reaction capacity. But forms of rowing and skipping can also be used here.
  • Resistance training
    functional strength
    By functional force we mean the ability of the neuromuscular system to create dynamic, eccentric, isometric and concentric muscle contractions in all planes of motion
  • Muscle Endurance
    Ultimately, depending on the objective, a responsible progression is made towards;
    muscle building (hypertrophy)
    maximum power
    fast power (power training)
    sport specific
    other miscellaneous objectives
  • Cooling down en stretches

Muscle imbalance test

Before you start exercising or Personal training, it is important to first test which muscles are weakened and which are shortened. This allows us to fine-tune the personal training class and not only train weakened muscles better, but also prevent or treat injuries. A good internationally trained personal trainer will always start with a muscle imbalance test.

Good posture

Good posture and correct execution of the exercise is essential for fast and lasting results. In addition, with a good posture you look slimmer and more confident.

Core training

Core training is the foundation of a strong functional body. Only if you perform a core exercise in the right position will your core actually become stronger.

“Personal trainer Iboya tackles the cause by activating all your little muscles (that you didn’t know existed) and teaching you to use them. As a result, injuries disappear and your posture is improved, so that you get much more effect from the training. I am comfortable in my body again !!!”

SIMONE BOTMAN dental hygenist / partner GvMA, board member NVvP

“Personal trainer Iboya’s holistic approach has enabled me to rebuild my energy after a serious illness. My posture has greatly improved through her training, the muscles have been strengthened so that my (years) of neck and back pain complaints have disappeared. Because of her attention to meditation and nutrition, I am much fitter mentally and physically. A true transformation and a gift. A professional!”

DR. MARIELLE SONNENBERG, Director HR Strategy & Analytics at Wolters Kluwer

The online learning platform


Integral Personal Trainer Iboya Triz has launched her in-depth holistic online learning platform. Working integrally on healthy aging, increasing vitality and immunity, is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people understand that you need to tackle vitality and optimal health in several areas simultaneously for good results. The profession is still in its infancy and the platform responds to the rapidly growing need to work on all 3 pillars of vitality: 1) healthy nutrition, 2) effective exercise, and 3) mental peace.