Sport fasting

Sport fasting is a training method that allows you to make the ‘metabolic switch’ from sugar to fat burning. This switch ensures a healthier weight, a better condition and more vitality. During the treatment you use nutritional supplements that provide extra results, safety and support. In addition, you may need to use certain supplements in preparation for a cure. This gives your body enough vitamins and nutrients, making the switch better and easier. You can also use different products after the cure, such as during a mini-cure, which makes it easier to maintain the switch.

Apply sports fast supplements

The sports fast supplements enhance the positive metabolism effects of a healthy lifestyle or therapy. In addition, they inhibit the effects of moments of poor nutrition, stress and lack of exercise. The sports fast supplements are therefore always linked to an activity or program. They are not designed to fully compensate for a poor lifestyle. They never will.

Men and women

Most sports fast supplements are available in man and woman variants. These two variants have been developed so that account can be taken of the mutual physical differences between men and women, including the large difference in hormone balance. This allows the food supplements to perform their supporting functions more specifically during sports fasting. And this ultimately results in more results.

The sport fasting track

The sports fast program can yield enormous results, but it is not suitable for everyone. In addition to strong motivation, your body must also be ready to make the metabolic switch. For example, sports fasting is not possible with certain conditions or when using certain medications. The body must be in sufficient condition to be able to train and to cope with the conversion process from sugar to fat burning.

The sports fast track is therefore always supervised by a certified sports fast coach and can consist of several phases. Your supervisor will work with you to determine which phases apply and which nutritional supplements can contribute. The sports fast track can consist of the following phases: