Sport fasting

Sport fasting is a training method that allows you to make the ‘metabolic switch’ from sugar to fat burning. This switch ensures a healthier weight, a better condition and more vitality. During the treatment you use nutritional supplements that provide extra results, safety and support. In addition, you may need to use certain supplements in preparation for a cure. This gives your body enough vitamins and nutrients, making the switch better and easier. You can also use different products after the cure, such as during a mini-cure, which makes it easier to maintain the switch.

Apply sports fast supplements

The sports fast supplements enhance the positive metabolism effects of a healthy lifestyle or therapy. In addition, they inhibit the effects of moments of poor nutrition, stress and lack of exercise. The sports fast supplements are therefore always linked to an activity or program. They are not designed to fully compensate for a poor lifestyle. They never will.

Men and women

Most sports fast supplements are available in man and woman variants. These two variants have been developed so that account can be taken of the mutual physical differences between men and women, including the large difference in hormone balance. This allows the food supplements to perform their supporting functions more specifically during sports fasting. And this ultimately results in more results.

The sport fasting track

The sports fast program can yield enormous results, but it is not suitable for everyone. In addition to strong motivation, your body must also be ready to make the metabolic switch. For example, sports fasting is not possible with certain conditions or when using certain medications. The body must be in sufficient condition to be able to train and to cope with the conversion process from sugar to fat burning.

The sports fast track is therefore always supervised by a certified sports fast coach and can consist of several phases. Your supervisor will work with you to determine which phases apply and which nutritional supplements can contribute. The sports fast track can consist of the following phases:

Sports fast supplements

Specific supplements have been developed for the sports fast track, which can be recognized by the sports fast logo. Taking this is essential for a good result. Products from other brands may contain too little or too much of certain substances, as a result of which the sports fasting results are reduced or even absent.

Preparing for a sports fasting cure

During the sport fast cure, the motor of the metabolism is converted from sugar to fat burning. This conversion process requires a good physical condition and sufficient presence of specific nutrients. These are mainly amino acids (such as L-carnitine), b vitamins and certain minerals (such as selenium). With insufficient intake of these nutrients, the body is less able to make the metabolic switch.

This can be caused by, for example, a low protein intake (from meat or fish, among other things) or eating too little fruit and vegetables. Too high an intake of certain vitamins and minerals can, however, have an inhibiting effect. This will cause more side effects during the course and the results will be less. Always use only the supplements specially developed for sports fasting for optimal results and safety.

Low protein intake is mainly seen in women and vegetarians. A lower daily intake of vegetables (300 grams) and fruit (2 pieces) occurs in the majority of the population. Specific supplements have been developed for both cases.

The 10-day sports fasting cure

The use of the right nutritional supplements during the cure ensures that you can make the metabolic switch from sugar to fat burning faster and more effectively. In addition, it ensures that you can exercise intensively and safely during the fast.

You cannot just use any dietary supplement while fasting. Scientific research has shown that some substances stimulate the metabolic switch, while others counteract it. Important stimulants are certain amino acids and minerals. Disruptive substances are specific antioxidants in higher doses, including vitamin C. Before you start the treatment, you should always do a urine test first. This way your supervisor knows whether you have any disruptive substances in your body and whether you can therefore start immediately. Your supervisor may also choose to conduct further research.

During the cure you use the specially developed sports fast supplements. These products are formulated on the basis of scientific research and are indispensable during the cure. Without the use of the right supplements in the right dosages, exercising during a fast is particularly tough. In addition, adverse effects can occur, including the breaking down of your own muscle tissue. The cure is also more difficult to complete because, without the right nutritional supplements, you can suffer more from side effects such as hunger and fatigue.

It is therefore not possible to fast with a certified sports fast coach without the sports fast supplements. You will receive all the products you need during the cure from your sports fast coach in the form of a starter package.

Sportfasting Starter Package Complete

The complete sportfasting starter package consists of five products, each with a specific supporting role during the sportfasting cure.

After the sports fasting cure

After the sports fast, it is important to protect the metabolic switch for as long as possible and to make sure that you do not fall back into the sugar level. A downshift could mean that you no longer lose weight or even gain weight again and that your health and vitality diminish. The basis for maintaining the metabolic switch is and will always be regular intensive sports.

Your supervisor can provide you with your personal ‘Keep the Switch’ guidelines. In addition to the training, nutrition and supplement guidelines, this document also contains the protocols for the mini courses. With this you can easily strengthen or restore your metabolic switch to fat burning in the form of a short course of 1 or 3 days.

Several supplements have been developed to help your body maintain the metabolic switch. You can discuss which products are most suitable for you with your supervisor.

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