Sports fasting. Lose 4 to 6 kilos in 10 days

Sportfasting; switch from sugar to fat burning

Its time to do some sport fasting and switch to fat burning! Why? 80% corona patients in the ICU are too overweight and have abdominal fat!

It turns out that 80% of corona patients are too overweight or have belly fat. This is what Diederik Gommers told chairman of the Dutch intensive care association on the TV program Yinec.

That is something to think about. This means that we ourselves can reduce the risk to a large extent by lowering our fat percentage!

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If you are in the risk group of too high fat or belly fat percentage, then you really want to get started now! And that can be effective with a special 10-day program in which you lose 10 to 4 kilos in 6 days, lose fat, increase your resistance and fat burning process.

Boost your vitality

And not to be taken for granted, you become more vital.

And you don’t have to do this alone, but together with me online! You are going to move briskly for 30 minutes every day, slowly reduce your diet for 3 days, 3 days with juice and again build up your nutrition for 4 days!

So no countless days in a row without proper nutrition, like most juice treatments that only give a yo-yo effect and do not permanently increase the fat burning process. What is also a very nice extra to this 10-day program is that it stimulates the regeneration process. Yes you read that right we are talking about rejuvenation! I was also very happy with that as a woman of 50;)

I followed this process myself 10 years ago and since then with the same diet I have reduced 4 kilos from 53-54 kilos to 49-50 kilos and that is quite a lot with my small stature of 1.60 cm and age of 50 years where most women gain weight with the same diet. In addition, I have also become much more vital and my skin has improved greatly.

Now is the best time to do this so get off that couch and put those snacks aside and get out of the risk group of corona patients who end up in the ICU.

But even if, like me, you are not overweight, you can become more vital with this program, increase the fat burning process and stimulate the regeneration process.

I now also give the lowest discount ever and that will certainly not come back!

Instead of 350 euros, this program is now 225 euros

Are you coming along? As the lock down rules relax, I will slowly return to my old price!

You also get 10 days free access to the iboyatotalhealthacademy to learn everything about a healthy diet, recipes that optimize intestines, hormones and liver, video workouts for at home and meditation videos. It couldn’t be more complete!

Call for an appointment: 0626058512 or leave a message!

Have a nice day and live your dream!

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