How sick will you get from Corona? Tips to lower your risk

Hoe ziek wordt jij van Corona? Tips om je risico's te verlagen.

There are many discussions about whether corona is the cause of serious illness and even death or underlying disease.

Nothing is black and white and of course it is the combination of both factors.

We don’t have enough control over whether or not we get corona, and even though we are careful because it is so contagious, it is unrealistic to lock yourself up. In addition, if you are healthy and have no underlying complaints, there is no chance that you will become seriously ill or even die.

What we do have control over is our overall health, which determines whether corona and underlying diseases in large sizes are given free rein.

The degree of inflammation in the lungs also depends on the overall health and acidity of the body.

In people with too much adipose tissue, stress, leaky gut and an unhealthy diet, the acidity becomes too high, causing even more low-grade inflammation throughout the body and thus worse: pneumonia, rheumatism-like disorders and a perfect basis for diseases and various disorders.

Eating lots of vegetables de-acidifies the body. Omega 3 inhibits inflammation while too much omega 6 and 9, alcohol, stress and sugars actually promote inflammation.

That is why people with overweight and poor inflammation-promoting diet and long-term stress become even sicker from corona. And the risk of death in combination with corona is therefore greater.

So the healthier you are (soured from unhealthy lifestyle and stress) the greater the inflammation, the greater the risk of complications, permanent damage and death.

That is why they now insist on a healthy lifestyle.

If you eat a lot of vegetables with every meal, enough anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids and herbs such as turmeric, lower your stress level, optimize your intestinal flora and thus optimize your resistance, you will really come to an end. Even with underlying conditions, you can lower the risks.

So a healthy lifestyle does have a positive effect in every situation.

Are you taking part in the challenge to work on a healthy lifestyle and reduce your risks of permanent damage or even death?

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