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Want to lose weight, feel fitter and happier? The secret basis for optimal results!

Whether you want to lose weight, feel fitter or happier, a good foundation is essential for optimal results. In this column I will highlight 1 important basis which is essential for better results and I will give tips on what you can do to maximize this, so that you can expect even better results.

Today people train hard in the gym, they watch their nutrition with or without a personal trainer. That sounds like a good approach as long as the exercises are performed properly. Looking good can make you happy though….

Are there not other factors that determine your happiness? Yes, there are!

“Did you know that 80% of your happiness depends on the condition of your intestines.”

People are not always aware of how great the effect is when the intestines, liver and hormones are optimized. Often, attention is only paid to high-quality nutrition, supplementing deficiencies with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids, which is also an important basis.

It is important to ensure that the digestive system is working efficiently and that bad gut bacteria are not dominating. Only when the good and bad intestinal bacteria are in balance, nutrients can be properly absorbed and substances can be created that affect 80% of your happiness.

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To get a better picture I will elaborate a bit more about the function of the intestines.

The intestines have a very important task. If the intestines do not function optimally, because your intestinal flora (bad and good intestinal bacteria) is not in balance, certain processes will not go well that have a great effect on effective weight loss, you feel fitter and happier.

Important processes under the influence of the intestines are;

  • Good digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Hormone balance, influence the storage or burning of fat and your happiness
  • Immune system
  • Production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. This substance has several important functions in digestion. Among other things, the feeling of hunger. It is a precursor to melatonin, a substance that ensures a good night’s sleep and recovery. Recovery is very important for an optimal result of a workout. The greatest amounts of serotonin are found in the gastrointestinal tract, where it acts as a hormone. Serotonin is sometimes also called the happiness hormone, because it counteracts depression.

The following factors cause your intestines to become unbalanced and nutrients are not properly absorbed and unnecessary fat storage can occur.

  • An unhealthy diet, especially sugary and refined foods
  • Alcohol
  • Heavy long-term workouts
  • Too often to bed after 23pm. Netflixing is fatal “been there, done it” and with major consequences, namely fat storage around the waist and intestinal complaints, despite the fact that I followed a healthy lifestyle for the rest
  • Stress
  • Medication and antibiotics
  • Wheat, gluten, dairy products and food allergies
  • Illnesses and a weakened immune system
  • Parasites and fungi

The digestive system is a wonderful system that can keep the intestinal flora in good balance under normal circumstances. This is also a very vulnerable system that can quickly become unbalanced, causing various annoying symptoms immediately.

To name a few;

  • Bloated feeling
  • Diarrhea or blockages
  • Fatigue and depression
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Diabetes

So optimizing the intestines is very important to be able to lose weight properly and to feel fitter and happier.

How can you optimize your intestines?

A good course of probiotics, water-based kefir and eating green, leafy vegetables and fermented vegetables help to optimize the intestines.

If this does not work within 2 weeks, more factors play a role and I advise you to visit my practice in Amsterdam.

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