Want to lose weight really well? Boost your testosterone, which is very important for both men and women!

Why is the right amount of testosterone important?

Testosterone is produced by both men and women and is essential for weight loss. Unfortunately, there are factors other than genetic factors that make the production of this important hormone no longer optimal.

We then think of too long and too much persistent stress which gives belly fat, increases estrogen production and decreases testosterone production. Too high a fat percentage, liver problems due to too much alcohol, for example. Alcohol overloads the liver and prevents the breakdown of old estrogens, resulting in too many estrogens in relation to the testosterone levels. Many flights abroad, insufficient restorative sleep and long cardio sessions (longer than 45 minutes) also lower testosterone levels.

Testosterone is important for a healthy libido, the production of muscles and thus your training results, competitive drive (getting further in life) and, not unimportantly, your self-confidence. It actually ensures that you overcome your fears better and that you go one step further so that you can make your dreams come true. Funnily enough, it also works the other way. If things are going well at work and you receive a promotion to a managerial position, this positive state of mind full of self-confidence can also boost your testosterone somewhat, research has shown.

Did you know that testosterone helps you to orient yourself properly? Men are better at orientating, partly or mainly because they have more testosterone than women. I must admit my orientation as a woman is dramatic, “life Googlemaps”, which saves a lot of frustration and therefore less production of the stress hormone cortisol! So Googlemaps contributes to a leaner life for me;).

How do you ensure optimal testosterone levels.

You also need enough cholesterol and zinc to make testosterone. So a well-balanced diet is essential. You want to consume enough healthy saturated fats to produce enough testosterone. A fat-free diet is really unhealthy! Saturated fats are important for the production of hormones and therefore testosterone. Ensure a healthy fat percentage, the more (belly) fat, the more female hormone and less testosterone is produced. I already mentioned that stress lowers your testosterone levels so you really want to lower your stress levels by working on your mental peace. So meditate! Short meditations of 10 minutes a day are enough! You can download the short sitting meditation for free from my website as well as the free E-book healthy food and healthy sleep. A healthy night’s sleep is not only important to be able to regenerate properly, but also to be able to produce enough testosterone.

Short intensive strength training and explosive short interval training also boost your testosterone! So work that body where you not only produce more testosterone and thus increase your sex drive, but also make your body look more beautiful and sexier! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to become the best version of themselves, partly due to a nicer tighter body?

Enjoy your day! Convert negativity into positivity!

By Iboya Triz

-Integral (holistic) Personal trainer Amsterdam-

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