Tackling burnout to the core! Revolutionary program with new insights.


Stop putting money into burnout programs that only solve a small part of the problem!

According to recent research by the TNO report, the number of burnout per year is still increasing. time to tackle that burnout.

We are talking about no less than 1 million people who walk around with a burnout. Work stress-related absenteeism costs the employer 1.8 billion euros. Despite many preventive programs, we have therefore made little progress.

Three million employees, young and old, indicate that they need measures against work stress.

See here a piece of text from TNO

Due to the obligation to continue to pay wages for days off absence, employers have a great interest in reducing the absenteeism of their employees. Absenteeism leads to economic damage because personnel costs are lost, without any income in return. In addition, employers have a moral and legal obligation to limit work-related absenteeism. After all, health complaints that are a direct consequence of the work lead to individual and social damage. Through preventive policy and good absenteeism guidance, employers can reduce absenteeism and thus increase their effectiveness.

There are already many programs on the market that want to tackle a Burn out. Burnout is often only tackled mentally. Few programs or no programs really address this integrally in the field of;

  • Mental rest & lifestyle coaching
  • Training correctly taught and performed with the correct body posture
  • Food that provides energy instead of costs

This while a total approach is essential to really tackle the problem down to the bottom. In many cases, attention must also be paid to optimizing the intestines and supporting the adrenal glands. You can learn many tools to better deal with stress, but 80% of your feeling of happiness starts in the intestines where the happiness hormone serotonin is produced. During stress and burnout, the good intestinal flora is affected and the production of serotonin is drastically reduced! Iboyatraining has developed integrated programs especially for the business community that generate the maximum effect by tackling all important aspects of a burnout. iboya training offers a real solution for the prevention and cure of burnouts.

Read the brochure here to prevent and cure burnout and give this to your manager or director and receive 2 personal training sessions when you purchase a program.

Are you a manager or director? Then try 2 free training courses yourself with an exploratory discussion about what iboya training can mean for you in case of burnout.

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Business training brochure

Take a closer look at your approach now and ask yourself whether it really produces that much results. Stop putting money into burnout programs that only solve a small part of the problem! This costs an unnecessary amount of time and money.

Or have you not really done anything to prevent a coming burnout among your employees? Do this now in the right way and request a no-obligation consultation to tailor a program.

Invest today in programs that effectively tackle the problem and that really benefit your employees.

Enjoy the day, take care of your body and mind and live in the moment!

Download a sitting meditation here to start the day with mental peace!

Sitting meditation for mental rest

Tackling a video burnout for companies

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