Stop burnout and unnecessary stress!

My specialty is approaching burnout and stress in an integrated way. For years I have seen that more and more young people are getting burnouts. See the data below for the alarming numbers of burnouts and stress-related complaints in young people:

– 33% stress-related long-term absenteeism 25-34 year olds
– stress is the main cause of absence among employees up to the age of 35 (around 2000, peak at 35-44 years)
– stress = an average of 180 days at home
– 100.000 burnout cases per year among young people

Source: ArboNed (November 1, 2016)

A press release from ArboNed shows that the number of burnout cases is increasing. And if one experiences burnout, they also experience it for much longer. The average duration of absence in the work place due to stress increased in 2015-2016 compared to 2014-2015. Nieuwsuur has also conducted research into burnouts among young people. According to Catelijne Joling, director of the ArboNed Knowledge Center, the problem is bigger than ever: “No less than 52 percent of all absence among all young people is currently due to too much work stress. We have already seen this coming in recent years and the number will only increase if we do nothing. ” Ton Wilthagen, professor of the labor market and flexibilization even says about this: “Ultimately, the entire Dutch economy will suffer from it.” These are alarming conclusions. It is therefore important to recognize and tackle burnouts in time.

Tackling burnout in an integral way

I am now marketing a concept to tackle burnout and stress in companies. Unfortunately, many companies still close their eyes to this insidious and debilitating condition; despite studies showing that burnouts are serious problems. With an integrated approach, people are back on their feet quickly and you prevent unnecessary stress and burnouts. A burnout is more severe than you think: it affects your entire (social) life and your mood and exhausts your entire body, resulting in countless vague complaints! Stop this now and introduce me to your company or come by yourself to tackle this major problem integrally and really from the core with minimal costs!

I myself had a burnout in the past after a serious cerebral infarction. I found out that there were too many ways by which my burnout could not be tackled effectively. After this I followed various studies and effectively tackled my own burnout and I recovered in 3 months. I have also helped many customers to get out of a burn-out in 3 months and taught tools on how to prevent it. This also starts with the knowledge of where the pitfalls lie and how this burnout can occur insidiously.
Only with an integrated approach, pure nutrition, the right form of exercise, mental peace and lifestyle adjustment can you optimally tackle a burnout.

Don’t wait too long and tackle this issue now!

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