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Integral Personal Trainer Iboya is high-end Personal Training in optima forma.

The classic personal trainer is your fitness training expert, motivates you and tries to help you achieve your personal goals. However, this form of personal training is not at all as personal as most people think. And certainly not adapted to your muscle fiber type, posture, muscle imbalance, mental situation and personal preference for long, tight muscles as a dancer, a bodybuilding or fitness body or a combination of these. If we look at top sport, we see that different sports have a different form of muscle development. Swimmers, for example, have very broad developed back muscles and cyclists have very developed leg muscles.

Iboya Integral Personal Training is highly specialized to develop each part of the body as specifically as possible. Think of models, for example. Models don’t want to get a broad back and muscular thighs, but more like a dancer’s body. Then regular workouts such as squats and push-ups are certainly not the right exercises to develop a tight, long toned, thin body. Also in the event of injuries, it is very important to strengthen and extend very specific muscles to actually get rid of your complaints quickly and effectively.

Too little attention is paid to the situation someone is in; Do you have a stressful job or a sedentary profession, do you stand a lot or do you work many night hours? And are your intestines in optimal condition to be able to really absorb your nutrients and vitamins so that you can lose weight effectively and work on your fitness and hormone balance? These matters are not addressed by a regular personal trainer.

Personal training only becomes truly personal when training, nutrition, mental rest and lifestyle are completely attuned to your physique, your unique talents and your weaknesses. Your talents and weaknesses are determined by your primal genes and lifestyle. Iboya integral personal training the latest form of integral / holistic personal training is able to integrally tailor nutrition and training to your genetic code. Personal trainer Iboya Triz is trained in using information about all forms of training, nutrition, supplements, breathing, meditation, mental coaching, light therapy, blood tests, hormone and DNA testing and is able to use this knowledge to give you the most personal to give advice and guidance.

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