The bitter substance (phytonutrients) full of antioxidants and other important healthy components is removed from our food!

Oops; are our fruits and vegetables empty?

The bitter dust (phytonutrients)

Something is right wrong with our fruit and vegetables. It is getting sweeter which also means that more insulin fat storage hormone is needed. And we don’t want that.

But now something much worse; the bitter substance is removed and the fruit and vegetables taste increasingly sweeter. If it is sweet it sells better. Now you probably think: “Then my children will finally like it!”, But unfortunately, it is precisely this substance that is the most healthy substance in the fruit and vegetables! Without this important substance little remains of our healthy fruits and vegetables. So you can eat more vegetables and fruit because it is nice and sweet, but it is less healthy than before.

What then is this important substance and what is this good for? This substance is called phytonutrient. A high dose is toxic but in small amounts it has been scientifically shown to have a variety of positive health effects has.

To name one as an example, the white grapefruit is great bitter speck of naringin. The fabric has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It also has a positive effect on it slowing down breast cancer cells. The mechanism that provides these positive qualities, heet hormesis. If you take that out, it will lose its power!

This is just 1 example, but this bitter substance has many more health benefits. One more reason why phytonutrients that good for you is that they are one antioxidant effect to have. Good for anti-aging and your immune system. But if you take this out of the fruit, it is literally ’empty’.

I always thought that anyway raw fruits and vegetables was safe (except for the pesticide), but unfortunately this is the bitter truth about our fruits and vegetables. Let’s hope that organic fruits and vegetables are not messed with.

My tip: if it still tastes bitter and is unsprayed, it is still very healthy. Learn to appreciate bitter!

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