Men with fear of commitment could it be too much testosterone?

Testosterone male hormone and oxytocin the hug and binding hormone

When I started studying the endocrine system, I found something very remarkable that I would like to share with you.

Men who do a lot of strength training have much more testosterone. In principle, that is nothing new.

But testosterone apparently also causes less oxytocin (the hug hormone) but also the binding hormone. It gives a feeling of happiness, fun, calm and joy.

So men who do a lot of strength training mainly want to hunt a lot and therefore bond less with the females.

These men can therefore also have more fear of commitment. Provided that they do not also produce a lot of female hormone estrogen through too much belly fat, which can be caused by too much stress, too much alcohol or overly exertive endurance training.

Can we females fix this by cuddling them more?

Or do we want to ensure that they produce more female hormone estrogen?

For example by giving them more beer and alcohol?

Stress them? ????

Secretly administer the pill… .????

Or hug them to death<img draggable=”false” role=”img” class=”emoji” alt=”” src=””>

Tell him that he has too much muscle and has to lift weights less often?

He also has to work on his fitness and do long hard cardio sessions? (Long, heavy cardio sessions cause too much stress hormone cortisol which gives more belly fat. More belly fat is more production of the female hormone estrogen.) Resulting in less testosterone

High testosterone also ensures a high libido????

Oops maybe take the hunting for granted ???

How are you going to tame the testosterone male and get rid of fear of commitment? ????????????

I’d love to hear it????????

Curious if your hormones are out of balance?

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