Healthy food tips from Iboya Triz

When new customers ask me for help to lose weight or get fitter, for example, I always ask “what does your diet look like”. ”Pretty healthy,” most people say. They keep track of their nutrition for 3 to 5 days and guess what…. Slightly less healthy than they thought. Therefore some healthy nutritional tips for every meal.

Healthy food tips Breakfast:

Healthy food is the basic for a healthy body and mind. Here some heathy food tips from me.

Make sure your breakfast is the biggest meal, this ensures a higher metabolism (that is your fat burning during the day). Eat, for example, oatmeal with oat milk or almond milk (preferably gluten-free), or full-fat yogurt with, for example, seeds, nuts, chia seeds, red fruit, or an omelet with vegetables, for example soup vegetables, onion and salmon. I always take a glass of greens or a smoothie with greens in it every day to keep my body base. You want to have some vegetables with every meal. Also try buckwheat pancakes with salmon, avocado, alfalfa, humus, etc. In the Iboyatotalhealthacademy you will find a recipe book with delicious quick recipes that also optimize your intestines, support your liver and balance your hormones.

Healthy food tips Snack :

Scientifically it has been shown that it is better for the regeneration process (rejuvenation process) to not eat at 16 p.m. For example, 16 p.m. between your dinner and breakfast and not to have snacks. We call this a form of intermittent fasting. I myself am very in favor of this to lose some weight, but only if you can get enough vitamins and minerals with the 2 meals you take.

If you’re really hungry, eat healthy snacks, such as a boiled egg, half an avocado, or snack vegetables such as mini cucumbers, nuts or fruit. Be careful with too much fruit. Fruit causes high blood sugar, which can work against weight loss. Always mix fruit with nuts or vegetables or proteins so that the fruit sugars are absorbed less quickly. I always include fruit in my smoothie with lots of vegetables and healthy fats like flaxseed.

Healthy food tips Lunch :

Make sure to also eat raw vegetables or vegetables with lunch. Do not overeat refined carbohydrates such as bread. Bread is a real fattener, I will tell you more about this in another blog. It is better to eat slow, natural carbohydrates, such as chickpeas, lentils, quinoa salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, rice cake with for example avocado, chicken fillet, sun-dried tomatoes or goat cheese.

Healthy food tips Supper :

Eat mainly proteins and vegetables; chicken, beef in moderation, fish especially the small fish (contain less heavy metals).

Try not to eat animal products 4 days a week in a row to detox your body. These days do not drink alcohol and do not eat refined or manipulated food, but as pure as possible .. Do not drink or eat from plastic or canned food.

You also definitely need fats. For example to be able to absorb important substances and to produce hormones, among other things. A fat-free diet is very unhealthy. So make sure your meals always contain a little bit of fat. The right fats also ensure a higher fat burning. It is fast sugars such as soda and refined carbohydrates that make you fat and tired.

Finally, it is good to eat slowly and chew your food well, so that you can create enzymes that help to properly absorb the good nutrients. Then it is important to know that no matter how healthy you eat if your intestines are not functioning optimally. your nutrients will not be able to absorb properly and therefore will not be able to lose weight effectively and become fitter.

Do you really want to learn to eat smarter and healthier where you can still occasionally sin and still reach your goal weight? And also learn everything how to optimize your intestines and hormones and support your liver? Then the iboyatotalhealthacademy is definitely something for you. here you also learn to minimize your stress and effectively move briefly from your own home or location as desired.


Enjoy the moment and focus on the positive side of life!


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