Coach yourself towards positive thoughts

How to coach yourself towards positive thoughts

How can you coach yourself towards positive thougts and experience less stress? To deal better with situations and your own emotions, you can apply the RET method. RET stands for Rational Effectiveness Training and is a method to turn unwanted behavior or unwanted emotions into more effective behavior or emotions. By changing your thoughts you deal more effectively and positively with unpleasant situations. As a result, this has a less negative effect on your health.

The exercise and method below will help you turn unwanted emotions into more effective ones.

Exercise RET method

Step 1. Irrational thoughts

What irrational thoughts can you have? Write down the most recognizable thoughts and see what disadvantages they have for you and your environment.

Step 2. ABC Scheme

Describe a situation where you encountered any of the above thoughts?

A. What made you feel tense, irritated, or stressed? What was the situation?

B. What were the thoughts?

C. What were your feelings

D. What behavior did you display?

E. How do you want to feel in this situation and what behavior is associated with it?

F. Which thoughts (B) are irrational and replace them with rational thoughts

G. Experience what these rational thoughts do to you and try to apply them?

Positive Affirmations

Another method to train yourself to have more positive thoughts is to say positive affirmations early in the morning in the shower.

download Here a positive affirmation sound recording to start your day early in the morning.

Positive affirmations

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