Reverence Thamar Paanen

I have had personal training from Iboya for about 2 years and in all that time she has always put me on track with my body and mind. My body needed a lot of attention after a disease process and Iboya has brought me back step by step to a well-functioning body in which I feel good.

Through very refined exercises from the dance world, hammering on technique, she has brought my entire physical posture back to where it should be so that I can fully enjoy life again.

For me she has been the trainer who has put me back in my strength in my vulnerability on all sides by transferring her technique and correcting my posture and strengthening my muscles and my condition.

I think she has an incredible patience and empathy so that she gets the best out of every training. She knows what you need for each training session and gives herself 100 percent.

The training courses are well structured, never boring. She also always comes up with innovative ideas and new exercises, so that as a trainer she improves and renews herself every time. She explains the exercises well, so in building your body you know what you are doing.

I met her during group classes at Fitness First and she did so with so much humor and enthusiasm that I immediately felt at ease with her. During the training you notice that she has a lot of ready knowledge about the body, injuries and nutrition.

I think she is a high-level personal trainer and I am happy that I met her as a personal trainer.