Kiki Boreel about sportfasting for models

Kiki Boreel ablaut sport fasting for models

Kiki’s experience about sportfasting for models

A few months ago I did the sportfasting program for models. This program is slightly different from the normal sports fasting schedule. For models it is important to have long lean muscles. That is why Iboya has adjusted the physical exertion during the ten days of sports fasting. Instead of 20 minutes of hard effort, I had to walk for two hours.

The schedule seemed pretty tough at first. But because your measurements are very important for modeling, I decided to do it anyway. In the end it was not too bad. It was easy to keep up and because of Iboya’s good guidance I knew where I stood. The results, which I already saw during the treatment, kept me motivated to continue.

After ten days, I had already lost an inch around my hips and waist. But also in the period after that I lost two extra centimeters around my hips. Because your body changes from a sugar to a fat burn, the result is permanent.

At this point my measurements are stable and I have lost a total of four inches around my hips and three inches around my waist. And I am very happy with this result!

I will definitely recommend this program to other models because it is an effective and healthy way to get in shape. Especially the healthy effect really appealed to me. Unfortunately, there are still people who starve themselves or train the wrong way to lose weight. That is not necessary at all!