Reference of a Dutch high fashion Model

I came to Iboya three months ago in June. Then I was just not in shape. My sizes were 80-64-92. I wanted to get the right measure, in a fun and healthy way. A way where you can make a nice lifestyle.

I had made 4 appointments with Iboya, where she taught me exercises that are made for the body of a model. This became my workout. She taught me what to eat, how often a day, etc.

Food is what I like the most, I immediately got to work, I made the tastiest salads, healthy vegetable dishes and snacks. Because I really like healthy food, I keep the motivation and pleasure in working on my body. What’s nice is that my whole family went along with me in my healthy diet. It is great to share this healthy lifestyle!

Now three months later my sizes are 80-61-88, I am very proud! Thank you Iboya, we did it;)