Claudia Rebel

Due to my work and posture, I have a low back hernia at the age of 27. Iboya, saw me after a long time not daring to exercise, training in the gym. She came to me and corrected immediately. I talked to her for a moment and took the step to take 12 lessons with her. After 3 lessons I already felt a clear difference. My back was firmer and I could work without pain.

Even though I had to stand on balance balls and do the most difficult exercises and had a drilling little woman standing next to me .. Iboya helped me a lot. After Iboya’s lessons I went on a winter sport, which doctors advised against. I haven’t snowboarded as well in my life as this year. The balance and suppleness in my back and legs has never been better and I also lost weight, which is of course a nice extra. Even the physiotherapist was amazed at my recovery.

I still train with Iboya’s exercises and I am very grateful to her for helping me. It is a small investment for a big result.