Reverence Simone Botman

For a while I was not comfortable in my body. After 25 years of seated full-time work and despite serious sports twice a week, my body no longer did what I expected!

My husband saw that with sorrow and booked a class for my 47th birthday with Iboya. The first lesson I noticed that Iboya really has something to offer. I think I was also very clear with my wishes: no more pain in my right hip / gluteal muscle while working; disappearing of shoulder / neck complaints and positive image of my body.

In the beginning Iboya advised me to come twice a week; now I train once a week. Now after my 2th class I can say with conviction that something has happened to my body. Not a kilo has shed but my shapes have clearly changed.

My shape is tighter and more importantly my mind is positive again. My work complaints are already less and I am also making progress in the sports field (my golf swing has greatly improved by turning my hips better). In short “my handicap” has already dropped after 9 lessons …

For the future I have decided that I will continue my weekly lesson at Iboya after 12 lessons with a 3 or 4 weekly maintenance session. Of course this is an investment, but let’s be honest: a painfully unwilling body is not what we want. My experience is that after various treatments by physiotherapists and chiropractors, the pain was managed, but not the cause.

Iboya tackles the cause by activating all your little muscles (that you didn’t know existed) and teaching you to use them. This improves your posture so that you get much more effect from the training. I am comfortable in my body again !!!