Reference Linda van der Weg

Dear Iboya,

Hereby my experiences with you as a personal trainer;

I took eight lessons from you with the specific goal of correcting posture and guidance during pregnancy. What I have experienced as very pleasant is that you provide a lot of information and explanations while doing the exercises. The explanation goes further than just the exercise, you also explain the why of the exercises. I also received a lot of supporting background information from you. Obviously you know what you are talking about.

In addition, you are open to improvement because you have also indicated that you would like to hear what other information I receive as a pregnant woman and where it comes from. I think that is very professional, for me it proves that you also find it important to inform people about what your profession is to the best of your knowledge.

Furthermore, I have experienced the lessons as pleasant, I felt at ease, and treated with respect, care and attention.