Reference Elize Baartman

I started with personal training – for the first time in my life – and prepared myself for a lot of suffering and a trainer who would mainly shout ‘and through and through’.

It was not a bullshit, but a lot of training, but in such an intelligent way that it was hardly noticeable that we were working so hard (only when I later felt the muscle pain …) By a combination of a lot of background information, looking closely at my movements , and highly concentrated exercises became more of a concentration exercise, where you forgot time and sweat.

What I also really appreciated was the personal attention that Iboya gave; it was about me. But above all, I thought it was special that all kinds of posture tips quickly entered my system, everything worked through. As a result, I got rid of back problems quickly – still by the way.

In short, I found Iboya to be a professional who is aware of the latest developments, has a critical mind, can observe very well and was able to motivate me with genuine enthusiasm.