Reverence Patricia Slotenma

I have experienced Iboya as a very sweet, good-natured and sometimes strict, which was sometimes necessary, woman. Who knows how to train someone and how to get the most out of someone. She was always clear in explaining workouts. Also listened to you when something went wrong or when your body started to bother you. She then simply adjusted the training. No two training sessions were the same and she always took on the challenge to get the best out of you.

Iboya knows a lot about the human body, also because of her dance background, and also gave you clear instructions on how to use your muscles without getting bothered by it. It was clear from her training that she did not get / learned everything from a book / school book but that she really understands training and the body. In my opinion, she has more knowledge than most trainers.

I really enjoyed going to her training sessions. Learned a lot about my body. How to deal with it and how to use / control my body better. I owe all this knowledge to her.
I think Iboya is a top woman.