Jonne van der Drift

Jonne van der Drift

This is what Jonne van der Drift have sad to me after a few trainings

Hi Iboya,
It is unbelievable, but last week I noticed that the daily pain before getting up in the shoulder and hip joints and in the lower back had almost disappeared after another long sitting on the desk or car seat.

Have now had four lessons from you, not counting the intake and i must honestly say that your analysis has not been equaled by any physiotherapist and I have visited some. As a 62-year-old man and an avid golfer and competition player, I have learned to live with the burden and sometimes let myself be tempted into solutions that have only cost a lot of money, such as insanely expensive beds and mattresses. You did not only showed me what is wrong with my posture but also  how I can improve it.

I am delighted that you are not only providing me with that insight, but also of providing the tools to correct the mistakes that creep in when I unwittingly revert to old habits. I can recommend your specific approach in combination with the Amstelpark Kinesis program to every amateur and professional golfer. Till Wednesday!