High fashion model

Iboya has played an incredibly important role at several points during my career / private life. Firstly, prior to the start of my international modeling work. I didn’t quite know how best to train. I was quite thin, but when I worked out I got muscles too quickly. Yoga didn’t work for me because it also made me too muscular. Iboya’s training really gave me a ballerina shape and taught me a lot about how best to train myself. She takes a very personal look at what is best for you. When I do the standard squats or exercises of other personal trainers, my thighs, for example, are much too muscled. I was really amazed how much it matters what training you do.

With my new shape, the start of my career went very well. So good, that I hit rock bottom a year later, exhausted. I then rang the bell again with her. First of all because I wanted my shape back, but in the end it meant a lot more to me. She was the only one around me who understood how perfectionism and outside pressure can go together. She is very committed to you as a person. The training moment was for me the moment where I could really tell how I was doing. She does not judge and at the same time does not hesitate to confront you with certain aspects of yourself.

This, along with training, nutritional advice and the right supplementation, has helped me recover. Her expertise and working method is unique, and in my case very functional. I never write testimonials, but I like doing it for Iboya !!